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Apr 22

Changed May Membership Meeting Reflects New ByLaws

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Apr 04

Judge Rules in Court Battle

Oregon Federal Court Judge Marco Hernandez has ruled that Local 156 candidates had their rights violated when they were subjected to discipline for organizing an election phone bank.  Log in and visit the 'For Members' section for additional details.

Mar 31
Who’s Buying our Midterm Elections?

Dark Money, Super PACs and the Ascendant 1%

Three times as much campaign money has been raised for current mid-term elections as was spent in the previous four year election cycle.  Dark Money -anonymous campaign money distributed through a web of secretive organizations- is overwhelming the democratic process in state houses, counties and local jurisdictions. The result?  A political process which is dominated by fundraising and which is attuned to the needs of the elite 1%.  Bill Moyer and his 'Moyers and Company' guests explore how the 'Citizens United' decision has totally changed the landscape of American politics and driven all of the important action behind closed doors.

Mar 29

Election Results Posted

Our Special Delegate Election has been completed and unofficial results are available.  We will post the Elections Committee Report once it is submitted.  Login to the website and visit the 'For Members' page for additional information.

Mar 29

Oso Disaster Hits Close to Home

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Feb 26

Augmented Reality (AR) will benefit Construction Industry 5 ways.

Football fans know AR. Examples are the 1st down and line of scrimmage used on the TV screen.

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Jan 25

Fraudulant Medical Study Undermines Public Health

A discredited study linking vaccinations to autism has led to  startling increases in life-threatening preventable diseases.  Meanwhile, a disproportionate share of younger Americans are proving vulnerable to virulent strains of the H1N1 flu.

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Jan 09

A Glimpse at our Past... Or Our Future?

Sitting on billions of dollars in oil reserves and undergoing a stunning construction boom, Qatar still can't find a way to treat its guest construction workers right.  Author Bhaskar Sunkara reports on Qatar's problem-plagued preparations to host the 2022 World Soccer Cup.  Reprinted from Working in These Times.

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Dec 12

Are Young Workers the Future of Labor?

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Dec 10

"We Pledge Allegiance to ALEC and to the Corporations for Which it Stands"

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch came out with an editorial yesterday lambasting ALEC for its single-minded efforts to subvert democracy on behalf of corporations...

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